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Rules for Using our Site or Service Clause

When it comes to your website or online service, rules are definitely a good idea for a number of obvious reasons. Having rules in place and publicly available in your Terms and Conditions agreement can significantly reduce the risk of you getting involved in a legal dispute with users, while making...

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Cookies Opt-Out and Management Clauses

If you use cookies on your website, it's very likely at least one data or privacy law governs how you use them or how you tell people about them. Clear clauses...

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How Long We Keep Your Information Clause

Most privacy laws cover how you can collect, use and share personal information, but that's not the end of the story. Some laws also say you must tell users how...

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User-Generated Content Clause in Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Agreement

If you host user-generated content on your site, you need to consider the legal implications for the relationships between you, the user and third parties. At the bare minimum, you need...

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How Do We Use Your Information Clause

If your company uses the data of its users, you must notify them of this through a "How Do We Use Your Information" clause. A How Do We Use Your Information...

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Using PO Box vs Home Address in Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions

When some business owners create a Terms and Conditions agreement or Privacy Policy for their website, they often wonder if they can use a home address or PO Box instead...

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