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What Cookies are Being Used For Clause in a Privacy Policy

How and why you use cookies is a key piece of information about your personal data handling. Many privacy laws explicitly or implicitly require you to give users this information. It may also be a key component in gaining valid consent for data processing. Here's what you need to know about this...

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How Do We Keep Your Information Safe Clauses

Securing personal data is a key component of most data privacy legislation. Telling people how you secure their data is often necessary to comply with the letter of the law. It...

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Conditions of Return/Customer Requirements Clause in Return and Refund Policy

If you sell products, particularly online for delivery by post, your customers may want to return them for a refund or replacement. A Return and Refund Policy needs clauses that...

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Intellectual Property and Copyright Clause in Terms and Conditions

Whenever you post content on your website or allow your customers to post their own content, you need to consider the intellectual property implications. A clearly written clause (or clauses) in...

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"What Information Do We Collect" Clause

Privacy Policies are a requirement for websites or apps that collect personal information. One of the key parts of this policy is the "What Information Do We Collect" clause. This clause...

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What is Personal Data?

Websites and mobile apps commonly collect and use something called personal data. What personal data is and how it is defined is dictated by laws. Laws and regulations also dictate...

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