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Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability Clauses

"Disclaimer of warranties" and "limitation of liability" clauses are almost universally included in Terms and Conditions agreements, particularly for businesses supplying goods and services. Though commonly grouped together, these clauses address...

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Subscriptions, Auto-Renewals and Payments Clauses in a Terms and Conditions Agreement

Many businesses work by taking multiple payments for a service rather than having a one-off purchase fee. Few privacy and data laws specifically cover how you inform users about this,...

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The GDPR's Lawful Basis

If you process data in the European Union or about EU residents, you will normally have to follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The most fundamental point of the...

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Is a Privacy Policy the Same as a Privacy Notice or Privacy Statement?

In most cases, the terms "Privacy Policy," "Privacy Notice" and "Privacy Statement" are interchangeable. In some cases, data privacy laws use one of these terms to cover a specific set of...

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GDPR Fines - Article 83

For a number of years, data breaches, hacks and breaks in security have been on the rise, resulting in the exposure of consumers' personal information. In response to this, many...

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