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Google Consent Mode

Data privacy laws usually cover data that you gather through a third party. This can make it trickier to be certain you have (and can show you have) consent for...

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Australia's Privacy Act

Australia's robust Privacy Act addresses the way that organizations can handle personal data about Australian individuals. It comes with a number of requirements, stipulations and compliance points that you'll need...

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If you handle information about medical or healthcare patients, you may need to follow HIPAA rules. Breaching the rules can lead to significant fines and even criminal prosecution. Among other requirements,...

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Germany's Cookie Consent Requirements

Although most European countries derive their data privacy rules from the European Union, the precise implementation can vary. At one time this variation meant cookie consent rules were weaker in...

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The CCPA's Consent Requirements

You may have read that the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) doesn't require consent for personal data. This is technically true for adults, but you do not have an absolute...

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