About FreePrivacyPolicy

Our mission
FreePrivacyPolicy is a self-serve service website provided to you by the team behind FreePrivacyPolicy.

We are commited to make it as easy as possible to generate Privacy Policies and other legal policies that most website owners, small business owners & developers would require to build their businesses.

In addition to the legal policies, we also offer 100% free tools for compliance requirements such as Cookie Consent.

Our story
We started with Privacy Policies in 2008, but since 2020 we have added support for a wider range of legal policies, such as Terms & Conditios, Cookies Policy and more.

Official reseller
Bright Market (dba FastSpring), 801 Garden St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101, US is the authorized reseller of FreePrivacyPolicy.com

You can contact us by following the instructions on our Contact page. We'll do our best to reply in the shortest time possible.

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