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California CCPA versus Virginia CDPA

California and Virginia are arguably the two states with the toughest data privacy laws, the CCPA and CDPA, respectively. Both laws could affect your business, no matter your location. While the...

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Spam Act 2003 in Australia

If you send marketing messages in or to residents of Australia, you need to comply with the country's Spam Act 2003. It has specific measures to achieve three main principles: Make sure...

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If your ecommerce store or website uses emails to promote its goods or services to clients or customers, there is an important piece of law you should be aware of...

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Copyright Infringement Clauses

Whenever you publish content, copyright is a potential issue. Many businesses include copyright infringement clauses in a range of documents such as a Privacy Policy, a Terms of Use agreement...

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Will a Privacy Policy Satisfy the CCPA's Notice at Collection Requirement?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requires affected businesses to take several actions, including publishing particular information in particular forms. This includes a narrow list of information when collecting personal data...

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