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New York SHIELD Act 101

The New York SHIELD Act may well cover your business even if you aren't located in the state of New York. The act significantly increases the burden on businesses to...

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CalOPPA Privacy Policy Template

If you are drafting a Privacy Policy for your website or mobile app, make sure to keep in mind CalOPPA, one of the key privacy laws from the state of...

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Amazon Associates Disclaimer

Affiliate links are one of the best ways for your website or blog to make passive income. They allow you to make a small commission when visitors make a purchase...

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Acceptable Use Policy Template

An Acceptable Use Policy can help dictate how your website should be used. What you include in your Acceptable Use Policy and the restrictions you state can go a long...

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How to Comply with Apple's App Privacy Details

New rules from Apple means that app publishers must give the company much more detail about the data they collect about users and the ways they use that data. The good...

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