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Google's Enhanced Privacy Disclosure Requirements

Google's rules for the Google Play Android app store are changing in 2022. Developers will need to add extra information about how they collect, store and process users' data. While the...

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Privacy Practices for User Location

With the rise of companies such as Uber Eats, Instagram, and Find My Friends, individuals are increasingly sharing their personal locations with other users and mobile apps. There have been protections...

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Disclaimers versus EULAs

What is the difference between a disclaimer and an EULA? Should your website have one or the other or include both of them? Protecting your company or website from potential legal...

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Google Consent Mode

Data privacy laws usually cover data that you gather through a third party. This can make it trickier to be certain you have (and can show you have) consent for...

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Australia's Privacy Act

Australia's robust Privacy Act addresses the way that organizations can handle personal data about Australian individuals. It comes with a number of requirements, stipulations and compliance points that you'll need...

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