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Germany's Cookie Consent Requirements

Although most European countries derive their data privacy rules from the European Union, the precise implementation can vary. At one time this variation meant cookie consent rules were weaker in...

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The CCPA's Consent Requirements

You may have read that the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) doesn't require consent for personal data. This is technically true for adults, but you do not have an absolute...

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COPPA Privacy Policy Template

Privacy laws across the world protect the information of consumers online. Websites and apps whose audience includes or is targeted to children under the age of 13 face additional requirements...

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What the CPRA Means for Businesses

California already has one of the toughest data privacy laws in the U.S., with implications for businesses across the country and around the world. Now the state has an even...

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Disclaimers Versus Disclosures

Commonly confused for one another, and often used interchangeably, disclaimers and disclosures are actually two separate things. They do, however, work together to create informative statements about your website. They both...

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