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1. What personal information do you collect from the people that visit your blog, website or app?

2. When do you collect visitor information?

When they:

3. Why do you collect information?

4. How do you protect information you collect?

5. Do you use cookies on your site? What's this

6. Third-party links
Please select one of the following statements as they apply to your business.

7. Third-party disclosure What's this
Do you sell, trade, or otherwise transfer Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to outside parties?

8. Google - Google AdSense - What's this

9. CalOPPA - California Online Privacy Protection Act - What's this

To be compliant with CalOPPA you must agree to ALL of the following:

How does your site handle "Do Not Track" signals? What's this

Does your site allow third-party behavioral tracking? What's this

10. COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act - What's this

Do you specifically market to children under 13?

11. FTC's Fair Information Practices - What's this

Fair Information Practices require you to have an action plan for notifying your users, should a data breach occur.

What kind of responsive action will you take if you have a data breach?

Please agree to the Individual Redress Principle or you will Not be compliant with the FTC's Fair Information Practices.

12. CAN SPAM Act of 2003 - What's this

In order to be compliant with CAN SPAM your contact information and address must be present on your privacy policy:

This information is required for CAN SPAM compliance

Disclaimer: Please don't use special characters
such as (ä, æ, ±, Ü, etc.)

Additional CAN SPAM Questions

We collect email addresses in order to:

In order to be CAN SPAM compliant, you must agree to ALL of the following by checking ALL the boxes.

We will:

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