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Mobile App Privacy Policies for App Developers

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Mobile app outlets like iTunes and Google Play now require that app developers provide basic privacy policy information for their app users. This requirement allows the platforms to distance themselves from millions of complaints and questions that would otherwise surely go their way. Violations of this requirement can lead to the suspension of apps and even the termination of the developer account – what some people in the business refer to as getting blacklisted.

To fulfill this requirement, all an Apple app developer needs, for example, is a safe website and a privacy policy. Apps that collect, transmit or have the capability to share personal information must include privacy policies, as must apps that include account registration or that access a user's existing account. Apps submitted to Apple or Google Play that do not include fully functional URLs directing app users to the developers' privacy policy page will be rejected.

Using our Mobile App Privacy Policy generator gives developers like you a easy way to comply with their requirements. Once you have filled in the blanks of the privacy policy template, simply copy and paste the code given onto your app or website.

Privacy policies are important because if word ever gets back to the app stores that you no longer provide a way for current or potential app consumers to contact you, that account could be removed from the platform quicker than you can yell “I should have uploaded a privacy policy!” And app stores aren't the only ones requiring privacy policies. If you're collecting data with third-party programs like Google Analytics or displaying third-party ads, Google and most States now require that you inform your visitors and/or users that you are using these services.

All major countries have laws requiring the use of privacy policies, the absence of which could result in hefty fines and lawsuits. Not only that, but there is a good chance that your visitors will go somewhere else if they find that you are a developer who does not care about protecting their personal information.

The good news is that all of this potential stress and risk of loss can be easily avoided by creating and then uploading your free privacy policy today!

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Consistent with these laws and 3rd party initiatives.

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