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In such a cutthroat market, building trust is a crucial part of the success of an online business. Email privacy is a big concern for consumers. Without making it a priority on your website, you could be losing potential sales simply because visitors don't feel safe providing the information required to process a transaction. If they don't feel like their email privacy is a priority, how can you expect them to give more sensitive information like credit card numbers? Don't allow failure to have an email privacy policy prevent you and your business from becoming successful.

The best email privacy policy is well thought out and it will make it very clear what information is collected and stored and the way the information is being used. It will describe whether there is a potential for third party distribution of that information as well as the choices potential customers have in that regard. There should be a declaration as to the company's commitment to establish internet and email privacy as wells as the steps that are taken to maintain it.

Here is where you will find a high quality privacy policy builder that meets or exceeds most state email privacy requirements and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, the California OPPA, and Google's Adsense requirements. Show your visitors that you respect their privacy and start building trust and increasing sales today!

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